With today’s quick progression in all that is technology and efficiency, home owners are tangled between repairing older less efficient appliances rather than updating for newer, more efficient devices. Same goes for household repairs; is it smarter to replace a drafty window or should you attempt restoring it? Today’s blog will discuss common issues and contemplations home owners run into and how you can deal with them in an effective way.

Moving in Winter. The Dos and Don’ts

Planning a winter move? While winter is a great time to move, it’s normally cheaper and to rent a moving truck or hire movers, you need to be aware of possible moving issues so that you can avoid them before they occur. Here are my suggestions for moving during the winter.


As most of you already know, Urban Studies is an eLearning platform, which prepares students for their future career as certified home inspectors. Not only have we pioneered the ways of education in his domain, we’ve now found a way to make the entire transition from education to field work stress free and ultra-efficient.

Snow Loads – When to Shovel Your Roof

A snow load is defined as is the downward force on a building’s roof by the weight of accumulated snow and ice. Most home owners have a tendency to ignore snow loads and to simply let Mother Nature do all the work in the spring time. Not only does this encourage leaks to occur, it weakens a home’s structure and disturbs the entire homes integrity. Today’s blog will list FAQ’s concerning snow loads, along with their answers.