With different generations come different values and goals. Evolution, one could argue. A major difference we’re seeing with this younger generation is the number of individuals, branching off on their own, trying to live that entrepreneur lifestyle. “Freedom is the new rich”.


It occurred to me recently; Urban Studies offers that exact lifestyle. We’re all about freedom! Our training program, designed to train home inspectors is firstly, 100% online; meaning you can earn your diploma from your cellphone… Literally.  Accessible e Learning is what’s allowing individuals to earn certifications, without completely disrupting their day-by-day life.


The career we prepare you for is the definition of independence and freedom. The average home inspector will make around 70,000$ a year, which is easily done once your reputation is recommendable. Busier inspectors will reach over 100K a year! With that salary, keep in mind that you’re working your own hours, making your own appointments and living life on your terms. We’re not saying that home inspectors live the life “Movie Star”, but they do have many advantages that most people don’t. We’re also not saying that the home inspection trade is for everyone and anyone; experience is the construction industry is always advantageous. But this is a career that most people can learn to master with proper guidance and determination. 


If you’re still searching for that perfect career path, why not take advantage of the growing demand for certified home inspectors.


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