As you may have heard, Ontario colleges are on strike. As of last Monday, thousands of college instructors hit picket lines across the province, leaving students with fears that their academic year will pay the price. Ultimately, over 500,000 students are sitting and waiting for the “okay” to proceed with the education they purchased in the first place.

See anything wrong with that? Students who give their hard earned money for education cannot even receive it because of? Money. The Union presented a proposal last Saturday night in hope to dodge the strike; it stated that the number of full time faculty members should match the number of faculty members working on contract. Seems reasonable, but the colleges say this would add over 250,000$ in yearly costs.

So what does that mean? Absolutely nothing. Discussions and negotiations will continue, the faculty will make a little more money and the students will pay the price. Students are currently suffering from not being in class (mind you the Netflix may be nice change of scenery) and we all know the tuition will go up next year to compensate for the latest “raise”. That’s that traditional education we always talk about.

So what’s the solution? Online education my friends. Not all programs are offered over the web, but the more time goes by, the more involved these eLearning platform are becoming. If you want a list of the pros and cons of eLearning platforms, visit some of our older blogs; they truly speak for themselves. 

Our program for example is 100% online, self-passed home inspection training. Individuals who are interested in the trade can earn their diploma and become fully certified home inspectors in the comfort of their own home! Think about that for a second; no morning commute, no daunting teachers, you’re aloud to send a text… the list goes on.

For the students netflixin’ it up, we at Urban Studies feel for you. For the students on our platform right now.. Get back to it 😉 No Excuses!


·       Algonquin College, Ottawa 

·       Cambrian College, Sudbury 

·       Canadore College, North Bay 

·       Centennial College, Toronto 

·       Collège Boréal (FR), Sudbury 

·       Conestoga College, Kitchener 

·       Confederation College, Thunder Bay 

·       Durham College, Oshawa 

·       Fanshawe College, London 

·       Fleming College, Peterborough 

·       George Brown College, Toronto 

·       Georgian College, Barrie 

·       Humber College, Toronto 

·       La Cité collégiale (FR), Ottawa 

·       Lambton College, Sarnia 

·       Loyalist College, Belleville 

·       Mohawk College, Hamilton 

·       Niagara College, Welland 

·       Northern College, Timmins 

·       St. Clair College, Windsor 

·       St. Lawrence College, Kingston 

·       Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie 

·       Seneca College, Toronto 

·       Sheridan College, Oakville