Canadians will agree; winters are brutal for our streets. The salt, potholes, upheaves, chips, dismantled sections etc. they see it all. Some homeowners, who INVEST in masonry or stone landscaping, such as an interlocking driveway or a stone entranceway, often see it worst.

Over the winter, damages can occur from:

  • Road salt deposits
  • Ice melting products
  • Water or frost penetration
  • Mechanical means (snow removal)

As a result, the structural integrity and/or curb appeal of the masonry/landscaping can display the following problems:

  • Upward Heave
  • Downward Settlement
  • Leaning
  • Impact Damage


Homeowner’s can/should use preventive measures to prevent damage to their masonry products throughout the winter:

  • Use plastic shovels to remove snow
  • Equip snow blowers with a plastic shoe
  • Do not try to chip away ice formations
  • Easy on the ice melting agents/use when necessary
  • Do not allow the weight of snow and/or ice to accumulate
  • Keep vehicles clean to avoid salt/sand deposits on driveways

It’s common sense to many, but important to keep in mind to protect/prolong their investments in masonry products. Avoid any unnecessary repair costs.





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