Entering a new profession, any profession, is a difficult decision. Home inspection is no different. You should clearly understand not only what the new profession will be like, but the best path to success for you in that profession. Below are a few points that will give you a representation of the home inspection industry.

Over 75% of all home inspectors are between the ages of 42 to 65. This should not discourage the younger generations. With the Internet, computers, smartphones and the like, younger men and women are in the process of changing the home inspection industry for the better.  The youth are finding this is one of the last industries where you can run your own business with few regulations and overhead while generating a respectable income.

Everybody is different.  Some people enjoy climbing a ladder to inspect a roof, and are willing to get down on their knees and inspect a crawl space. Other people enjoy record keeping, reports, marketing, and relationship building. All of these are integral parts of the home inspection business. Think about what you enjoy, what you are willing to do, and what you are good at.

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want to be tied to a desk all day?

Are you interested in construction and how things work?

Are you good at identifying problems and defects?

If so, then home inspection might be a great career option for you.

In addition to these questions, there are a number of traits shared by many successful home inspectors. Some of these traits include a desire to be your own boss, attention to detail, a teacher’s mind-set as well as a willingness to continuously learn, and of course a working knowledge of residential home systems. If these seem like traits you poses, check out our course description at: http://www.theurbanstudies.com/en/our-programs