Every home eventually builds up some unpleasant odors; this is especially true in such areas like the kitchen, bathroom and cold storages.  As a homeowner, here are some of the most efficient methods you can use to reduce these unwanted smells.



Many scented candles are available on today’s market that can help with cigarette odors. The cheaper alternative however is vinegar, which neutralizes cigarette odor naturally. Simply pour vinegar onto a wet cloth and gently shake it for a few minutes in a room that smells of cigarette smoke.



Try pouring several drops of your favorite essential oil onto a paper towel and slip it into your vacuum cleaner bag. You will automatically diffuse this nice scent as soon as you start vacuuming!



Try thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator with a solution of hot water and vinegar. Let the solution sit for 15 to 20 minutes before wiping it with a damp cloth. You can then halve a couple of lemons and place them in different areas of your refrigerator fir a fresh lemony smell!



The microwave is often used more than once a day and can quickly become a source of unwanted odors. Mix one cup of water with the juice of a lemon and heat it for about 30 seconds. The grossness inside your microwave will become easy to remove (use a dry cloth) and you will be left with a fresh lemon scent.



Are you planning on painting the walls in one of your rooms? Add a tablespoon of vanilla essence (white) to your paint container; this will help diminish the smell of the paint. Once you’re finished painting, it’s also helpful to place a container with coffee beans or freshly ground coffee in the room.



A garbage can that is emptied regularly and cleaned with bleach is less likely to “cause a stink”… You can also add a few handfuls of cat litter directly into a new garbage bag as well as into the garbage can itself, (you should empty it and add new litter every time you change the garbage bag). The litter will then absorb the odors!



If you take a lengthy vacation and come home to a musty, stale odor in your home, here’s what you should do. Open the windows and, in each room, place a wet sponge in a cup or small plate. The musty, closed-in smell will disappear. Furniture, especially if it’s old, also tends to have an unpleasant odor. Mix cold water with baking soda and wash the inside of the furniture piece with a cloth. Just make sure your cloth is not too wet if your furniture is made of wood. Then, leave a container with freshly ground coffee out overnight.

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