Remember when you were in school?  How you would go through a course with a teacher, learning a million things you would never apply in real life… That frustration…  Well let me tell you that those days are officially over here at Urban Studies.

Now I’m not going to lie to you, being a straight a student was never on my “things to do” list.  I hade that same frustration every day, asking myself:

“Why are we learning this?”

“Why are they making everything so complicated when it doesn’t have to be?” 

Well that same problem applies to home inspection training programs.  You almost need a engineering degree simply to understand how to inspect a toilet.  And that’s why we, Urban Studies, decided to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

We’ve built on online program that is simple, user friendly and most importantly understandable for literally everyone.  Instead of reading approximately 50 pages of a toilet and its history, fabrication, installation… Urban Studies will give you exactly what you need to know.  Using videos and visual aids, our instructors explain exactly how components work and what to look for during an inspection. 

We also supply written information to backup what was said on the videos.  Using different colors and fonts, we separate installation practices, causes for failure and recommendations to clients.  We understand that becoming a home inspector is hard enough to begin with… We’re just trying to make the educational part of the process a little more enjoyable.

For more informations about our Home Inspector course send us a message  at  or call / text : 613-716-6991