How to Hire a Home Inspector!

If you’re in the market right now for a home purchase, you may be wondering when and how to hire the right the inspector.  Not to worry, you’re not the only one.  A common occurrence with homebuyers is, they often have no idea how to find the right inspector and when to bring him in.  In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to go about hiring a “Home Doctor”.

First of all, when should you an inspection be done? Should it be after the first or second home visit? Or maybe right before moving all your belongings into your new residence?  The ideal time for an inspection is a few days after the purchase agreement has been signed.  Signing the purchase agreement says the house will be yours.  Careful, you’ll also want to protect yourself incase your inspector discovers hidden disasters.  This is where the inspection clause comes into play.  The inspection clause is to void the whole purchase agreement if the inspection has been horrendous, in other words, successful.  A protected consumer is a happy consumer. 

Now, how do you find the right person for the job?  Well that’s an easy one.  Word of mouth goes a long way; ask around for recommendations on the local talent.  If you do not like your options you can always surf the web.  Ensure the inspectors you call are certified, meaning an association recognizes their work.  To find out what his specific duties will be, you can look up his set of standards on his association’s website.  Don’t be afraid to call a few contenders.  Ask for years of experience, past work experience, things like that.  Easy enough? I thought so.  No reasons not to hire one of these magical home doctors now!

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