It’s Flower Power Season!

Summer time is just around the corner!  It’s time for you guys to plan ways to beautify your property.  Ever consider flowerbeds?  They are simple, easy to install and have a great impact on the visual beauty of a house.  Let us run you down the steps needed to create a successful and sturdy flowerbed.

So the very first thing you’ll want to do is visualize your ideal flower bed/s.  Consider the shape, size, lighting, and building design.  If you have modern style home, which are mostly all squared off, adding curved flowerbeds may clash with the look of the building. 

Obviously depending on the budget, a flowerbed can be very small and simple, like it can be massive, with many stages.  Sketching out your plan on paper is a great way to visualize your ideal flowerbed.  When you have your plan figured out, you’re ready to start building. 

Removing sod, dirt, roots and debris about 8 inches deep, where your stones will be places, is considered best practice to obtain a solid foundation.  Filling that hole with stone dust, leveling it out and compacting properly will ensure an even and stable flowerbed wall. 

Once that foundation is built, stacking stones one on top of the other is easy as pie.  Flowerbeds will often have minimal cuts, which can easily be done with rentable equipment.  When your walls are up, you’re ready to pick flower.  Strategically placing your flowers will have a great visual impact on the final product.  Big flowers in the back, shorter ones in the front. 

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