For the homeowners reading today’s blog, you’re already aware of the numerous maintenance jobs that come with a purchase.  Well here’s another one that often gets over looked!  Window wells, when left unchecked, will gather filth, debris and also potentially let water enter your basement. Read the following to find out what needs to be done to prevent any unwanted headaches.

As we all know, window have two main functions.  They allow for natural light and ventilation to make its way into a house.  The use of window wells is needed when your windows is bellow or partially bellow grade level.  

Window wells allow basement windows to keep their main functions while keeping the surrounding soil far enough.  This is to prevent any unwanted dirt or debris to make its way into the window system, which could cause it to become inoperable.  As far as maintenance goes, easy as pie. It’s all about keeping the area clean. 

The window wells should be cleaned from debris such as leaves and garbage at least three times a year; after winter, mid-summer and before the first snow falls.   Keeping in mind that a good window well includes drainage pipes that direct water bellow the footing, having the area cleaned regularly will allow for constant good drainage.  When the draining system is compromised, that’s when water may work its way up to the window, causing basement leaks and debris to infiltrate the window system.   Moral of the blog… It’s just one more tiny maintenance to should be done on your humble home

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