Whether you’re a new home inspector, been in the business for a while or considering joining the work force, it’s absolutely essential for you to “keep up” with today’s technology.  What I mean by this this is, people don’t open the Yellow Pages anymore when they’re shopping around for a service.  Today’s businesses must be accompanied by a proper, simple, user friendly website. 


Believe it or not, having a website is easier to obtain then what most people think.  If you’re computer savvy, you should know that many websites on the web are there to help you create your own website.  If you’re like me… A young lad who still struggles keeping up with how fast technology evolves, web site designers are always an excellent choice.  Out of personal experience, hiring a designer will be a little more expensive, but worth the money. A home inspector’s website should simple, direct and inviting for your potential clients.  The good thing about our market right now is that most home inspectors have old, outdated websites that encourage the readers to fall asleep before even making the call.  This is your time to stand out and to reach as many prospects as possible.  Like I was saying in the intro, people don’t open the Yellow Pages anymore. Realtors, homeowners and pretty much anyone else will open Google as soon as they need to find anything out.  So, by making sure you’re findable on the web, you will be able to reach a wider span of potential clients.  Word of mouth is amazing, when your client is satisfied, but you’ll reach much more people online.  It will also give a chance to your client to learn more about you.  What experience you have, your rates and everything else that may peak the customers interest.  You can also keep you clients informed! Any big changes in your company can easily be added to your website to keep everyone informed.  And last but not least, you’ll look much more professional with a nice website.  Homeowners are always hesitant to home inspectors.  Having a professional website will already start easing your customers worries before you even show up for the inspection.


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