Window Condensation

Many modern construction homes all suffer the same problem; that dreadful condensation building up in the windows.  When the warm weather is upon us, we always tend to forget that our windows “fog” up in the wintertime.  So what can you do this summer to prevent, or at least reduce the window condensation for next winter?

Well first of all, I feel like it’s important to mention that the condensation, if left unintended, will most likely begin creating mold.  It’s usually a dead giveaway that the humidity levels of the house are not optimal.  Condensation all begins with the lack of air exchange between the inside and outside of a house.  If your house suffers from this issue, it’s quick likely that your house’s humidity levels are too high.  Here are a few tricks for lowering your humidity level:

  • Using proper ventilation in kitchen and bathroom.  Hood fans should be present and operating when the stove is on.   Exhaust fans in bathrooms should also be used at the proper times to exist as much moist air as possible.
  • Keeping your house well heated in the wintertime.  Some people prefer a frozen house and bundling up with a million blankets, which is fine.  But keeping your houses heated will minimize/reduce the humidity levels in the house. 
  • Providing your house with an air exchanger.  This is simply to allow a constant exchange of air from the inside and outside.  Wintertime air will most likely be much less humid then what you have on the inside.  These will also minimize/reduce the humidity levels, hopefully preventing that window condensation.

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