A career change in today’s high passed environment can be frightening.  Many of use are familiar with the housing market; so home inspections can seem like a natural path to follow. However, a prudent entrepreneur should weigh his/hers pros and cons prior to embarking in this profession. Training can be exciting, but succeeding as a small business owner is a completely separate thing. Before investing your time and money, you should answer the following 3 questions.

Do I know what a home inspection is?

A home inspector’s task is to act as a doctor but for homes; he inspects, evaluates and assesses situations. The report, which is handed to the client after the inspection, will inform him/her precisely the condition of the house at the time of writing. A well-written report will direct an owner, buyer, or seller to any action that is required to bring a house up to good condition relevant to its age.

Do I have any or some background knowledge?

A home inspector is not an engineer and also does not carry around a crystal ball. Even the best home inspectors cannot predict what is going to happen in the future or for that matter, what the value of the house will be down the road. Assessing value is the task of the appraiser and life expectancy comes from plumbers, window suppliers, and other specialists.

However, a home inspector should be an expert in understanding exactly what is happening to the house at the time of the inspection. In fact, a good home inspector must have a solid understanding of all the elements and systems of a home. We find that many individuals who have spent their previous years in the trades make for excellent candidates. Learning each housing system can be done through proper training, but having previous experience with homes in general puts you one step ahead, right from the get-go!

Will I be able to find work/hustle for it?

These days, most realtors realize that a home inspection is necessary at a time of sale. Today, more than 90% of buyers get a home inspection, so that they know exactly what they are buying; often times the inspectors are referrals from realtors. This is how many new inspectors start their early days, by collaborating with realtors to find work. Talking to real estate agents in your location can help you determine whether the opportunity is there for you or not. There are other numerous methods for finding work, but as everything else in life, they require a little elbow grease and hustle.

I’m still interested…What’s next?

If you’ve answered these questions and believe you’ve found the right path for you, GREAT! The next for you is to follow ACCREDITED training. Home inspection training ranges quite allot in cost, this is normally relevant to the quality of education you’ll be receiving. The Urban Studies program offers many wonderful benefits such as: no specific enrolment times, 100% online, on-site training and top-notch student support. Upon completing this online class, you’ll be more then ready to begin your new and profitable small business as a Certified Home Inspector.

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