With the warm summer days just around the corner, many of you will start planning your home projects.  Whether it’s adding a new deck or interlock walkway, there’s a few things to consider before hiring a contractor.  

First thing is first, as a customer you’ll want to draw out your plan.  Use proper dimensions in order to be as accurate as possible when talking to contractors.  Once you’ve “Picasso’ed” your dream deck for instance, get a minimum of three estimates done by different contractors.  Getting only one estimate will limit your power of negotiation and you’ll probably end up over-paying for your work.  You’ll also want to make sure that the contactor picked is covered by WSIB.  Keep in mind that you’re responsible for workers on your property if they’re not covered. 

Another thing you’ll want to validate is payment plans.  If there’s one thing I can recommend, never pay the whole sum up front.  Arrange for payments in the beginning, mid-point and after the job is completed.  Finally, the last thing to do is to get a receipt from the contractor.  Many will try doing a “cash job”.  Avoid this at all costs since you’re preventing yourself from ever taking legal actions if the work wasn’t well done.  So on that note, I wish you all a warm, sunny summer with no headaches from dealing with contractors. 

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