Module: Exterior inspection

During this module on exterior inspection, the student will be able to deepen his or her knowledge on the subject, including how to inspect doors and windows, garages, parking lots and the exterior structures of a building. Exterior inspection is an important aspect of a home inspector’s duties.

It goes without saying that there are many different types of exterior cladding and styles when you start to analyze the different possible exterior facades of buildings. They do not always have the same characteristics or require the same maintenance. You will also learn about the importance of routine when inspecting a property and the work involved in integration.

The exterior cladding of a building is the first layer of defense on a building. In fact, it is this cladding that will absorb all the bad weather of the Canadian climate and the changes in temperature. Exterior cladding also plays a major role in the aesthetics and appearance of the house. There are several types of siding on the market. Whether it is vinyl, masonry (brick or stone), wood, cement, clay, or asphalt shingles, the module on exterior building inspection will allow you to know all the specificities of each of them, their advantages and the possible problems they can cause.

When a home inspector performs a quality inspection, he will make sure to check all the components of the exterior structures that the building may have, such as decks, balconies (including railings and balustrades), steps and landings for access to the house and garages. He will also inspect the gutters to avoid any risk of water infiltration inside the building. He will also analyze the weep holes on the exterior walls, i.e. the opening on a brick wall that allows ventilation and water circulation.

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Exterior inspection

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