Module: Foundation and roof frame inspection

In this third module of the Home Inspector course, the student will learn all about the foundations and roof frame of a property. Urban Studies has all the necessary information on foundations and floors as well as roof structures, i.e. frames and walls, so that our students can become pros in this field and, by the same token, qualified home inspectors. Learn more about what to expect in this module!

The foundation is essential for a house, not only to ensure its strength and solidity, but also to control and prevent water infiltration into the residence. This part of the module will teach you, among other things, the different types of cracks, the types of foundations and their disadvantages (as well as the possible corrective measures). You will also learn about French drains, soil movement and subsidence. Do you know what subfloors are for? What is masonry veneer? All of this will be covered in depth during this module on roof frame and foundation inspection, so that you can become an expert and, at the same time, a professional in the field of home inspection!

Defined as the structure that supports or covers a roof, framing is essential for a durable building. The building inspection student will learn the difference between a load-bearing wall and a shear wall. They will also learn about wood and masonry walls and the problems associated with them. Furthermore, insulation, even in the attic, will no longer hold any secrets for the future building inspector with this module. What could be more undesirable in a building than mould? When it takes hold, serious consequences can occur. Fortunately, with the Urban Studies training, the student will know how to spot and treat it. Other terms such as arches, columns and beams, rafters and roof ventilation will be covered in this module on framing and foundations.

Another concept of this module that will be studied is the structure of a roof. There are several types of roofs. Whether it is traditional or flat, the structure of a roof often depends on the age of the building. In fact, we tend to see more traditional roof structures on older homes. The student will be able to properly inspect the roof structure and determine the structural safety of the system.

Urban Studies offers you a 100% online training to become a home inspector. Numerous job opportunities in an exciting field await you, in the public or private sector. Whether you want to become self-employed or join a company anywhere in Canada or the United States, our interactive platform will give you all the necessary tools to complete the program at your own pace.

Foundation and roof frame inspection

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