Module: Inspection of heating and air conditioning systems

In this fifth module of our program leading to the profession of home inspector, the student will focus on learning about heating and air conditioning systems. As a home inspector, it is important to be familiar with these concepts in order to offer a complete and quality service to his clients. Of course, all properties have heating and air conditioning systems, but they are not always the same. That’s why a broad knowledge of the subject is necessary to become an expert home inspector. Find out more about this fifth module below!

Did you know that there are many types of energy? Also, you will learn more about how heat distribution, control and transfer works, as well as how to properly inspect chimneys (whether they are made of masonry or metal) and air conditioners (and how to recognize problems with them).

This module will teach you the differences between the different types of furnaces. For gas or propane furnaces: the gas meter, gas supply lines, the ignition system, the heat exchanger, the filters, the registers, the gravity furnace and more! As for oil furnaces, you will learn: how the oil tank and filling system works as well as the vent pipe, oil filters and oil burner. With all this information, you will become a furnace specialist, to the great pleasure of your customers!

Finally, Urban Studies will show you in this fifth module on heating system inspection what you need to know about wood heating systems: how wood burns, fireboxes, wood furnaces and wood fireplaces work. In addition, electric heating will hold no secrets for you: we will revisit concepts seen earlier on the electrical inspection and we will study electric radiators and electric furnaces.

Urban Studies offers you a 100% online training to become a home inspector. Numerous job opportunities in an exciting field await you, in the public or private sector. Whether you want to become self-employed or join a company anywhere in Canada or the United States, our interactive platform will give you all the necessary tools to complete the program at your own pace.

Inspection of heating and air conditioning systems

With Urban Studies, become a home inspector by completing a program recognized by several associations.

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