Module: Interior finish inspection

In this seventh module towards your diploma, which will allow you to become a renowned home inspector, Urban Studies will provide you with the necessary knowledge regarding the inspection of the interior finish and insulation of a property. Interior finishing (doors and windows, floors, ceilings and walls) has an ecological and aesthetic aspect. The insulation of a house is also important since it allows the people who live there to be comfortable and even to save energy depending on the insulation they have. Find out more about this module below.

We could compare insulation as a kind of windbreak for a house. Poor insulation can lead to considerable heat loss and therefore higher electricity and heating consumption, as well as mold and condensation. It also helps to control humidity in the building and to ensure good air quality. During this part of the module, the student will learn about heat flow, thermal resistance and moisture flow. Also, the different types of insulating materials on the market will be discussed. The student will be able to recognize the different insulating materials present in a house.

The interior finishing of a house includes several elements and there are many possibilities as to the products and materials available. First of all, there is the finishing of the floors. Then there is the finishing of the interior walls. Finally, there is the finishing of the ceiling. The Urban Studies program offers you the opportunity to discover all these elements in order to be able to perform a quality inspection and easily distinguish the types of finishes.

Urban Studies offers you a 100% online training to become a home inspector. Numerous job opportunities in an exciting field await you, in the public or private sector. Whether you want to become self-employed or join a company anywhere in Canada or the United States, our interactive platform will give you all the necessary tools to complete the program at your own pace.

Interior finish inspection

With Urban Studies, become a home inspector by completing a program recognized by several associations.

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