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Urban Studies’ 100% online program includes all the tools you need to achieve success and feel confident in the field of home inspection. The course content, accessed through a student portal, explains how the different systems in a house can fail, and the consequences of those failures.

Our program provides clear and precise instructions about what to look for in an inspection, such as weather damage, poor construction techniques, and defects in the house. Our program also teaches students how to report the defects they find, and convey them into a comprehensible report for their clients.

    Program objectives

Graduates of our home inspection program will be able to practice their profession in specialized businesses, public organizations (municipal, provincial or federal), financial institutions, insurance companies, and more, as well as having the option to start their own inspection businesses or be self-employed, anywhere in Canada and the United States.


Instruction and training can begin at any time. This is a 450-hour program.

All modules must be completed within 30 weeks of the registration date. Most students finish their training in 4-6 months, at a part-time pace.




  • The student must be at least 18 years old.
  • The student must have an email address, as well as access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

   Employment prospects

Our diploma is recognized by InterNachi, the most important association of home inspectors worldwide. Each Urban Studies graduate receives free membership to InterNACHI for the first six months following diploma completion. Being a member allows you to practice anywhere in Canada and the United States.

The average salary of a home inspector is between $70 000 and $100 000 per year.


A simple, interactive platform

One platform – many ways to learn!

Our online course includes written theory, tables and charts, graphics, images, videos, and even quizzes to check the progress of your learning.

Use your favourite mobile device

You can access the learning platform from all kinds of mobile devices or computers, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No specific brand or model is required.

Support for your learning

Contact your instructor anytime you have questions about course content or about the program. Our team is on-hand to make sure you get the support you need for a clear and straightforward learning experience!

Monitor your progress and success

Our platform lets you see the progress of your learning in real time, so you know what you have left to learn and what you have already accomplished, at any point in the course. Quiz results are revealed immediately, and tests are sent to your instructor for evaluation.

Your courses go where you go

All you need is an internet connection (whether 3G or wifi) to access all your course material, quizzes, and tests. All content is also printable, for your convenience.

Videos to watch again and again

All videos provided through the program can be viewed over and over again, as many times as you like. This kind of repetition is key to rapid learning, and retention.


The program contains 10 modules, covering the various systems of a house.
  • Inspection of roofing materials and their properties,
  • Inspection of flat and pitched roofs,
  • Inspection of penetrations, such as skylight
  • Inspection of flashing,
  • How to write your report.
  • Inspection of sidings,
  • Inspection of doors and windows,
  • Inspection of cladding,
  • Inspection of fascias,
  • Inspection of garages,
  • Inspection of lot grading,
  • Inspection of retaining walls,
  • Inspection of the driveway,
  • Inspection of “walk-out”-style basement exits.
  • How to write your report.
  • Inspection of foundations,
  • Inspection of floors,
  • Inspection of walls,
  • Inspection of columns,
  • Inspection of beams,
  • Inspection of the roof’s structure,
  • How to write your report.
  • Inspection of the service entrance,
  • Inspection of the electrical meter,
  • Inspection of the electrical panel,
  • Inspection of branch circuits,
  • Inspection of lights, switched and power outlets,
  • How to write your report.
  • Inspection of a gaz furnace,
  • Inspection of a propane furnace,
  • Inspection of an oil furnace,
  • Inspection of wood heating systems,
  • Inspection of electrical heating systems,
  • Inspection of chimneys,
  • Inspection of air conditioning systems,
  • How to write your report.
  • Inspection of pipes,
  • Inspection of ventilation systems,
  • Inspection of the feed and evacuation systems,
  • Inspection of point of usage,
  • How to write your report.
  • Distinguishing types of insulation,
  • How to control humidity,
  • Inspecting interior finishes.
  • How to write your report.
  • Learn how to use the tools of home inspection.
  • How to inspect a condo or duplex and their various systems.
  • How to write your report.
  • Your business plan,
  • Your business card,
  • Your marketing plan,
  • Become an entrepreneur.

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