Module: Plumbing inspection

In this sixth module to become a home inspector, the Urban Studies student will focus on everything related to the plumbing of a building. Plumbing in a property is essential for water consumption, and a failure in its system can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as water damage or seepage. Find out more about all the elements that will be covered in this module below!

The student will be able to learn more about the definition of an entire plumbing system. In addition, the main shut-off valve, the water supply in a house, its pipes and related problems that may arise will be discussed. The water supply in a building can come from a municipal aqueduct or from a well, depending on its location (city or country). Do you know what a pressure regulator does? This instrument allows the water to have a constant pressure. As for the types of water heaters, there are several on the market. You will learn the differences between them. For example, a gas-fired water heater or an instantaneous water heater.

A functional bathroom in a home is not only practical, but essential. It is probably the room where the most water is used on a daily basis. This part of the module includes everything you need to know about sinks, faucets, toilets, baths and showers.

There are some distinctions between public sewer systems and wells. In this part of the module, you will learn about private waste disposal systems, trap doors, venting of disposal systems, and sump pumps, which are used to prevent water from pooling in crawl spaces and basements.

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Plumbing inspection

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